Demo 2016

by Penitentiary

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Region Rat Murder Metal


released April 9, 2016

All songs written by Penitentiary and recorded by Derick (No Victory) and Chance.



all rights reserved


Penitentiary Indiana

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Track Name: Lockdown
You may have won this time
Shattered bones to be the penance for my crimes
But as my blood seeps through my hands to the pavement below
I'm broken and beaten but never defeated
In due time I'll rise again to reclaim my pride

Where blade meets flesh and steel meets bone
Where beasts are forged and hearts are turned to stone
I've stared into the face of death and it's left me cold

Locked deep inside this penitentiary in my own mind
But I'll soon break these chains and remove the vale that's rendered me blind
So now I'll scrape myself from the concrete and take back my life

Solo-Jacob George
Solo-Victor Mendoza

You'll never defeat me

Broken and beaten but never defeated
Track Name: Dead World
There is one thing for certain
Humanity is digging its own early grave
We grow more and more undeserving
Of the beauty that this world once gave

But we keep marching forward
Never knowing if we're truly alive
The slow death of the humane heart
A dead world where love has died

Dead work before my eyes

Solo-Jacob George

There is one thing for certain
This world is suffering from human disease
We grow more and more undeserving
Of the air that we breathe

Facing the 6th extinction
Humanity will fall to its knees
It seems we've worn out our welcome
The stigma of this Earth wiped clean

Solo-Victor Mendoza

Let the bombs fall from the sky
A dead world
No one survives
Track Name: Snitch
Show no mercy. No remorse. Fuck forgiveness.
Now you'll feel my force.

No, I won't turn the other cheek.
You can lie in the bed that you've made.
I won't stand by and accept your deceit.
This time you've dug your own grave.

No there will never be forgiveness
Nor the company of those that you've deceived.
You should never speak of loyalty when there's nothing there.

Show no mercy. No remorse. Fuck forgiveness.
I'll make you eat your fucking words.

I'll sew your goddamned mouth so you'll no longer sew deceptive seeds.
There is no weight to the words that you speak when you bite down on the hand that feeds.

Solo-Jacob George

With such eager hands you've paved your path to hell.
But you'll find no refuge in the secrets that you tell.
6 ft beneath the dirt will be your cell.

Show no mercy. No remorse. Fuck forgiveness.